What types of Calacatta marble finishes exist?

calacatta marble finishes types bathroom

The finish gives a unique touch to the tiles of this beautiful, calacatta marble, stone, which is ideal for certain types of surfaces and coatings.

Calacatta is a white marble of incredible beauty, which appears naturally decorated with special gray, brown and green veins. A spectacular material that will put the spotlight on floors, walls or countertops.

If there is a Natural Stone cladding that attracts for its beauty and magic, that is white marble. And within this broad category, the different marbles exhibit very varied shades. Calacatta is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Its marked gray veins, showing different shades and color gradations, give it an indisputable personality capable of attracting all eyes wherever it appears, whether on the floor or on the walls. 

An essential and unique stone, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where a pure and clean look is appreciated, but also very elegant in other types of spaces. In addition, Calacatta marble is a hard and resistant marble, in which the delicacy is only in its appearance.

Its resistance, its extraordinary polished finish, its natural textures, variety and chromatic richness are just some of the qualities that have made marble one of the preferred materials by decorators and architects.

calacatta marble slab polished


Calacatta marble comes in different textures, adapting to different trends in interior design and architecture.


It is the most characteristic finish and achieves an inimitable effect of reflection of light and objects as if it were a mirror.


This finish gives the stone greater character and prominence when it is laid. It reflects light, but with less reflection. The surface is smooth.


By means of a special treatment, a texture is achieved that enhances the natural properties of the stone and the aesthetic strength of its veins. The surface is somewhat irregular.


Through this finish, the resulting product has a rough effect and a craggy touch, perfect to make it more resistant outdoors.