What is marble used for? 3 examples

Marble is a very resistant natural material, which is why marble is used for areas of intense use such as monuments, statues, kitchens, bathroom countertops and more. 

Marble offers a wide variety of colors and combinations of them and its polished finish gives it a great attraction. The color remains unchanged and the hardness of the material means that neither cold nor heat can alter the surface.

It is important, when opting to apply marble, or acquiring a product manufactured with it, to smartly select a reliable supplier. There are companies that have been working with marble for many years and have a vast experience. These companies use machinery with the most modern technology, which allows them to meet the customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. 

Marble is timeless, so it never goes out of fashion. It resists heat and always stays cool, which allows it to be used as a working base for baking. Besides, it is so durable that it will only need to be replaced if you wish to change it. To make a renovation, it is enough to polish the countertop, floor or wall.

Marble in the bathrooms

The use of marble in the bathroom has its pros and cons. It is the material that makes the bathroom elegant and sophisticated, and its price is compensated by its durability. The only disadvantage is related to the permanent cleaning maintenance it demands, since it stains easily.

Funerary art also chooses marble

Marble is the material traditionally used since ancient times in funerary art. While granite began to be used only a few decades ago, marble tombstones are characteristic of ancient times.

One of the pieces in which marble is usually used for its construction is the tombstone. There are different types of tombstones, their characteristics depend on where it is going to be placed: Niche and Columbarium.

But, any of them can be built in marble or other materials. When a burial is carried out, the pantheon or sepulcher also has a tombstone that can be built in marble.

use of marble at cementary

Another use is in a mausoleum, a type of funerary monument, which generally includes luxury features and is built to pay homage to a person, or group of people who may or may not be family members. Historical mausoleums include the Taj Mahal in India, some of the pyramids in Egypt, or the mausoleum of Mao Tse-Tung. All of them include significant amounts of marble.

At the present time, the tradition of using marble, among other materials, for the construction of the mausoleums found in the different cemeteries continues.

Using of marble in construction

Marble has been used in architecture and construction since ancient times due to its unique characteristics, for example in many monuments of the ancient Rome and Greece cultures. Nowadays, it can be seen applied in different ways and techniques. On walls, floors, columns and stairs. It is even formed with marble cuttings, thanks to the diversity of colors and combinations offered by what is called “stone painting”.

In construction it is often used alone or combined with other stones. As a building material it is used polished and most of the time it can be seen applied unpolished.