Five fine woods perfect for decorating your home

5 five fine woods material for decorate houses

From kitchens to gardens, fine woods give a home warmth, texture, and authenticity.

Knowing the materials you have at home or the ones you are going to include is very important. Understanding the type of material and what it is used for helps in the choice, when we talk about wood having knowledge about the types that exist is interesting when working with them and choosing their location. Thus the profile that you want to obtain as a result is defined in the knowledge along with the improvement adapted in the home. Today we choose five types of fine woods, the most currently used and how to use them.

Pine wood

It was the first material used by man in ancient times as a repeated resource, nowadays it is a material widely used in construction and offers a fairly good price-quality ratio. Pine is divided into three species: laricio, pinaster or gallego and silvestre. All these are considered within the Iberian Peninsula, the species pinaster is the most exploited in Spain. Its robustness makes it used in decoration and in frames for sofas or chairs. The pine has a neutral color that makes it combine with any colorful element, we are talking about the natural one. The only caveat is that it scratches and marks easily despite its hardness. For all woods, it is recommended to use those that are managed with certification.

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Oak wood

The tree with the most solid and elegant fine woods is the king of parquet par excellence. Natural oak coordinates with all types of furniture and represents the style of nature itself. It comes from Europe, North Africa, Asia Minor and North America. There are more than four hundred species of oak and this makes it even more versatile as its characteristics are the same. Sometimes this wood has yellowish tones that can be mistaken for fungi and may not be aesthetically pleasing. Oak, like chestnut, contains a substance called tannin, hence its peculiar smell. Ideal for load-bearing beams due to its robustness, it is the wood that best combines with construction materials.

European birch

A type of European tree easy to find, it is economically affordable, so the furniture made with this fine woods is feasible. It lacks grain, which gives it uniformity of color and a clean feel. Most birch is imported from France, Finland, Russia or Latvia. It is an ideal wood for structural plywood, as a decorative veneer and in carpentry for carvings, friezes, baseboards, moldings and paneling.

It is a hard and strong wood, although it is not very durable outdoors without protection, it deteriorates easily and it will become gravelly, as it does not resist humidity. Birch wood normally requires a complete sanding process before applying varnish or stain, if this process is incomplete, scratches will stand out. 

Arce wood

Among the more than twenty species of maple wood that can be found, it is subdivided into hard maple and soft maple. They differ in strength and density while their coloring is similar. Hard maple is ideal for flooring, stairs, hand tools and even musical instruments, while soft maple is used for panels, furniture interiors, doors… The resistance of this wood to fungi does not mean that it does not support termites, which is why all woods besides this one must be protected. Keep in mind that it is weak against the sun’s rays, so it is better to avoid exposing it to the outdoors.

Mahogany wood

One of the best options in the art of carpentry is mahogany fine woods. Its great quality makes it centuries old in all uses, along with its great results. It resists humidity and blows due to its great hardness and although of tropical origin (South America), it has spread throughout Europe. At present it is at risk of overexploitation together with an excessively high demand, which results in a rise in its price. It is characterized by its reddish color and comes from three different tree species. Mahogany is the best example of fine wood, highly prized in cabinetmaking because it is easy to work and at the same time resistant to pests, humidity and high density.

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Once you have selected your favourite fine wood it is for sure they all will look great on staris, floors, walls or whatever utility you´d like to assign. Each decorative style opts for a type of fine woods: the Nordic style uses pine wood, ash, maple and birch that play with the contemporary style, the industrial style with chestnut wood, oak looks fantastic in classic and modern decorations, while mahogany wood and its new designs are included in vintage, retro and avant-garde styles. All in all, a wide range of possibilities to choose the wood you like the most, knowing in advance its limitations and possibilities.